2017 Winners

1st Place Team

Keith Byars, Hampton Ballard, Bruce Cassidy, Sr., Bryan Snyder, Chuck Whirlow

2nd Place Team

Dan Clorin, Tom Cronin, Mike Cronin, Steve Blowers, Russ Rogers

3rd Place Team

Chip Anderson, Les McCurdy, Archie Griffin, Kyle Klawetter, Lance Garcy and James Cornetet

2016 Winners

1st Place Team

Jon McLean, Leroy Hoard, Sherry Cassidy, Chelsea Mokary, Louis Altman

2nd Place Team

Kim Cornetet, Hollis Stacey, Keith Byars, Jen Elsholz, Lindsey McPhearson

3rd Place Team

Pete Johnson, Bruce Ruhl, Larry Fox, John Allen, Dave Perna

2015 Winners

1st Place Team

Nick Arthur, Hampton Ballard, Bruce Cassidy, Rick Hackel Coach, Jim Brown

2nd Place Team

Raymont Harris, Mark Costaregni, Matt McLean, Andrew Allen, Sherry Cassidy

3rd Place Team

Doug Dickey, Bob Siekmann, Jeff Logan, Glenn Hammer, Jim Doyle

2014 Winners

1st Place Team

Dave Perna, Bruce Ruhl, Mike Alstott, Larry Fox, John Allen

2nd Place Team

Hampton Ballard, William White, Christian Bartolacci , John Ashley, Herb Dunnington

3rd Place Team

Brian Bunch, Kyle Klawetter, James Cornetet, Rick Smith, Lyle Frye

2013 Winners

1st Place Winners

Chuck Whirlow, Rick Hackel, Jim brown, Bruce Cassidy, Sr., Brian Snyder, Robert Smith

2nd Place Winners

John Allen, Pete Johnson, Dave Perna, Mike Murray, Lenny Willis, Larry Fox

3rd Place Winners

Herb Dunnington, Vince India, Steve Arnold, John Hicks


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